A story.

I started keeping a journal when I was 12. I read an article that made me realize “journaling” — which was way more grown-up than keeping a DIARY — didn’t have to happen every day and there didn’t have to be some grand plot or over-arching message. It could just be a way for me to pin down thoughts that were constantly flying around in my head.

Journaling and High School Last night I realized I’ve had my journal app for 4 years. Funny thing about digital journals–they never fill up! I stayed awake past my normal 2 a.m. bedtime last night, unable to put it down. I had been transported back, completely forgetting the world like only a great book can make you do.

Journaling & High School GraduationBecause I am and always will be recklessly optimistic, I had been writing about a guy who I just KNEW was The One. Today I have no idea who that guy was. That’s what I love about having this personal record of my life. There were new boys, old friends, new friends, pain, depression, joy, anger.. everything. It is all in there. I can see exactly where I’ve been and remember all of the little moments that made me the person I’ve become. Because 12 year old me thought that there wasn’t some grand plot, but there was.

I was writing the story of me and I still am. I’m so glad I picked up the pen.

High School & Journaling To J, C, D and all of the random people that helped me write it — this one’s for you.

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