..I asked myself that yesterday afternoon. It was a valid question, since I was head-to-toe coated in the stuff. I was standing in a dusty, windy cornfield wondering how I was going to get this quickly-baking goop off of me. The real question was how to dig enough of it off of my shoe to get to my chip– the one that could be redeemed for a free beer. How did I get here?

This is your mind on Warrior Dash.  Don’t know what it is? Here’s a crash course. Disclaimer: Those guys make it look easy. 

It started a few months ago. My friend, Andrew, and I were talking about CrossFit, a workout that is a way of life for those who follow it. Somehow he had talked me into running the Warrior Dash with him. Did I mention he was also in the military for 9 years? “Don’t worry, I’ll just throw you over the obstacles.” he told me. Yeah, that’s comforting.

Fast forward to yesterday. Somehow I managed to make it 3.1 miles up and down hills, over walls, through ponds, under barbed wire, and over fire. I won’t try to fool you and say that I was able to run the whole thing. A stress fracture kept me from training like I’d wanted to. The course is different for every location (here’s Nebraska’s course), but some things are always the same: you finish by jumping over fire and crawling through a mud pit on your way to join fellow Warriors at the party.

There were lots of before and after pictures and I did bring my camera along, but with the wind blowing the dust around and the fact I was still partially covered in mud, I couldn’t bear to subject my baby to that. I did take some before and after pictures of my own though! Note the cockiness before and the exhaustion after. 🙂 Until next year, Warrior Dash!


Yes, I chalked my hair for Warrior Dash. I plan to do it again, with some prettier colors. No, Mom, it’s not permanent.



That is a dirt line. Not a tan line. And this was AFTER 3 different make-shift showers.

P.S. Who knew I could make a Warrior hat look gooooood?

Alright you hoodlums…

Have you missed me? Because I missed you! As I told Lindsay when she came home tonight, it’s been a big day in the world of Sage Jensen Photography. For starters, I went from 99 likes (yes, it was killing me inside. I had been stuck at 99 for weeks.) to …drum roll please… 105 at time of press! Woo! you like me. you really really like me. tear. I also got my rep cards in today. The awesome news though, is that this is all in anticipation of  the premiere of the photo booth this weekend!

You know how I said I sometimes go home? Well, sometimes (about once a year) we ALL go home. For our high school alumni weekend. This is big brother Seth’s glory weekend. He’s self-proclaimed deputy mayor, emcee for the umpteenth year in a row.. and for some reason the residents of Exeter allow this to occur. 🙂 This will be my first time attending since I’m usually out of the state, but I’ve been asked to take the class photos (please leave your pigtails and braces at home, kids.) and run a photo booth at the dance!

I am not going to lie, I had a great time picking out props for this. If you’re reading this and are going to be at the dance, consider this your sneak preview! I’m bringing:

  • a Rasta hat, complete with dreadlocks
  • Coke bottle glasses
  • a boa
  • Oversized sunglasses
  • Moustaches.. they’re totally in. Duh.
  • More!!

If you check out my blog often, (you stalker you, I love ya!) you know what my ultimate favorite prop is. CAKE! Without further ado… pictures with cake.

They were always there. From day one. I don’t even remember MEETING these girls because we have always been together. We constantly joke that would could be blindfolded and taken to any of the other homes and know immediately where we were just based on the smell. Everyone else’s mom is our mom as well. I don’t have a story without these girls. My past is completely intertwined with these girls and they have completely shaped who I am today. Through these giggly moments and the crying on shoulders, they are my sisters.

There’s Jenna, the girl who can be so blonde but is such a deep thinker and could save the world.

There’s Danni, the girl who is so child-like in her innocence (well, sometimes) and her constant curiosity.

And then there’s Rachel, the girl known for being so studious and quiet, but who will make your head spin with some of her wicked sharpness.

This photo shoot did exactly what I set out to do with every photo shoot: capture this moment together before it’s gone too fast.

  • The blonde one - I love this! You did such a great job! You definitely captured “us.” 🙂 Bravo bravo!ReplyCancel

My nephew Kyle is a freshman now and I finally got back to see him play basketball. It was great to get a chance to see him play. Of course, I had to take pictures of the cheerleaders too… it brought back some great memories.

Oh those days. Sometimes it’s nice to go home.