I can’t help but to hear the cheesy theme music.. “Here she is, Miss America!”  The lovely Miss Deidre just passed on her crown as the National American Miss Nebraska Junior Teen of 2011. (Whew. I hope I said that right.)

Deidre doesn’t wish for world peace. I’m pretty sure she could just giggle and everybody would stop fighting. She is such a wonderful little ball of awesomesauce. I warned her before our shoot that we were going to explore. She was not phased one bit by the impending doom or sweltering heat. She just flipped her hair like a pro. Look.


Nebraska Teen

Nebraska Teen

Nebraska Teen

Nebraska Teen

I sure hope it is. It’s so pretty, I would make sure to put it on before going out in the sun. Who am I kidding? I want to be covered in color every day. It is way more fun than being covered in mud.

A couple of weekends ago, I met my friend Jenna (you know, the blonde one?) in Kansas City for The Color Run. With temperatures expected to reach the triple digits a few hours into the day, the nice folks at The Color Run bumped up the start time an hour to try to keep everyone cool. Which meant that we were up and at ’em, dressed in white at the crack of 5:30. Luckily our hotel was directly across the street from the race route around the sports complex, home of the Chiefs and Royals.

We ran. People threw (and doused and dumped) color on us at different intervals on our journey to the finish line. After each one, we had a conversation. Jenna: “Did I get colored now?” Me: “No. Not at all.” Jenna: “What the heck?” After the third time, I shoved her in front of a volunteer holding a five-gallon bucket of color and implored him, “Hey! Can you help my friend out? She REALLY, REALLY needs some color.”  He smiled and Jenna finally got her color. Little did we know, alllll of the color is at the after-party.

From there, I’ll let the pictures do the talking. I now have a purple-tinted Nikon as a memento of the day and I don’t mind at all.

Top: Jenna. Before and after the post-race party. Bottom: Don’t be jealous of my dance moves. Or my shades. They still have mud on them from Warrior Dash.

Seriously. I want to stay like that forever. Especially the hair.

I’m not going to lie, I laughed as I watched her come coughing out of this yellow cloud two minutes later. That’s what real friends do.

Top Left: I FREAKING LOVE COLOR.  Top Right: The fallout from a KC Chiefs Color Throw: left side had red, the right had yellow.

Middle Left: This couple impressed me. They loved color too. Middle Right: Don’t laugh. 🙂  There’s a child taking a picture of his parents kissing. (UM, AWKWARD?) There’s also some random girl whipping her hair back and forth in the background. I love people.

Bottom Left: He called his girlfriend to the stage and the crowd, knowing exactly what was about to happen, burst into cheers immediately. Of course, he proposed. She said yes. More cheers! Bottom Right: Hugs all around for the happy couple!


Left: This is how you start cleaning up after The Color Run. They have people with leaf blowers. Seriously. Right: Back at the hotel to start cleaning up. We then went to IHOP for Red Velvet Pancakes. Color Run success.

The Tom Petty kind. Not the dolls. Go ahead, pull the song up on youtube and sing along. I’ll wait.

There was something about wandering around my small hometown that made me nostalgic. I watched these girls joke around with each other and remembered my group of girls and how we were exactly the same.  Just like the girls before us and the ones to come.

The small town seems to act like a time capsule; the images I captured could have been taken decades ago. As I looked through these snapshots of smiling, giggling girls, I imagined the future. How I hope one day their daughters will see these pictures, just as these girls have seen photos of their mothers together at their age. I hope those future daughters have a chance to come back and take these same pictures.

Girls, I had a fantastic time spending the day with you. Thanks for letting  me into your group for a day! I hope you treasure these memories and they make you smile and laugh when you see them years from now.


Are you looking for your pictures from Friday at Glacial Till Vineyard? They’re right here.

Let me preface this by saying the fact that my last post was about beer and this post is about wine is complete circumstance. I don’t even drink that much. Now then.

As a marketing major, I’ve started to come to terms with the fact that I will have a group project in every class until I graduate. Summer classes are no exception. That being said, my group decided that the local business we’d like to create a mock marketing plan for is Glacial Till VineyardYour move, UNL.

I hadn’t hear of Glacial Till before, (they opened the vineyard in Palmyra and tasting room in Ashland to the public in 2009) but I headed out on Friday to take pictures and the Murmans greeted me with a warm welcome. They were in the middle of an event and can I just say.. the food looked amazing. Dessert was a vanilla bean ice cream with a reduction of their dessert wine. WOW. While the guests enjoyed their meal, I enjoyed snapping away. A scenic vineyard with great sunset light and free rein to wander where I pleased? This photographer was in heaven.

 Next Friday they are having an event at the vineyard with Lucky Bucket and barbecue. I think it sounds like the perfect end to the work week. But maybe I should just let the pictures do the talking.


This couple managed to snag me as I was on my way out and boy, am I glad they did. They’ve been together for a while and told me that they didn’t have a picture of them together! We quickly solved that problem. Could they be any cuter together?!

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I. Love. Summer. Boating, baseball games, grilling with friends, sitting by the lake, swimming.. you name it, I’m there. To me, there’s few things better than capping off a week by hanging out in the backyard and enjoying a cold one.

Last night I did just that. I was able to enjoy time with friends, their families, and savor some delicious home-brewed beer while raising money for the American Cancer Society. It was Kegs for the Cure, and it was fantastic. We are so very blessed that the third annual Kegs for the Cure is a celebration of a cancer survivor, for we all have loved ones who have lost that battle. In true American fashion, the adults were able to enjoy each other’s company and a few beverages while the kids ran around chasing the Jack Russell terrier. Norman Rockwell couldn’t have painted a prettier picture.

I loved her little attitude!

I don’t think this little man could be ANY sweeter!

All of the kids played and played until they were all tuckered out!

That was when the adults played.

Summer nights remind me just how lucky I am to have such great friends!

I love my jobs. 😀