We have another boy in the family! Introducing Taggart Drew. Gavin is SO excited to be a big brother, but he’s not so excited on sharing Mommy and Daddy yet. I can’t wait to spend lots of time snuggling with him. G won’t sit still to humor me anymore unless I’m reading him a book before bed. He’s still good for dance parties though–as long as you let him pick the music. I get to be “Aunt Sage” again, and I’m pretty smitten.



Sometimes I get so excited and happy that I burst out into giggles and think EVERYTHING IS WONDERFUL!!


These times are called the bubbles. When you’re around Carly, you can’t help but have the bubbles (and believe me, she knows this well). As I was working on these reception photos for Scott and Carly, I couldn’t help but hear her infectious laugh. I’m pretty sure my cheeks hurt from smiling by the time I finished! It’s clear to see how excited Scott and Carly are to be starting their married life together. It’s been a gift to be able to capture these very bubbly moments for them. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Fritz! Here’s to many (very, very) happy years!

Wedding - Table Details
Wedding - Flowers
Wedding - Table Details
Wedding - Bride Bouquet
Wedding - Grand Entrance
Wedding - Toasts & Prayers
Wedding - Cutting the Cale
Wedding - First Dance
Wedding - Happy Bride
Fritz Reception Dance

Blue Moon cupcake for breakfast dessert. Because it’s Friday and I can. Breakfast dessert should be a thing.

I’ve got JT crooning “Mirrors” in my earbuds, a sampler of Doctor Who teas en route to my tea kettle, and plans to enjoy the warmer weather this evening. May your day be even more wonderful!

Can it really have been 6 years since my last prom? Time flies when you’re having fun and Saturday was no exception. The crazy antics in the photobooth and on the dance floor at Exeter-Milligan’s prom had me laughing the whole night. I witnessed everyone (including teachers) dance to Gangnam Style. That in itself was worth the trip.



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It has been two whole months since I have been able to write! I’ve missed you. I’ve missed shooting, I’ve missed editing, I’ve missed it all. Today I had an incredibly intense desire to be outside behind the camera. Or even editing photos. Doing SOMETHING that had everything to do with photography and nothing to do with being in classrooms or doing homework. Luckily there’s only 10 weeks left until graduation.

Okay, fine. There’s 10 weeks and four days. Then I can return to what I truly love: capturing your memories.

I wanted to share some of the memories with you that I’ve managed to squeeze in between classes. Trust me, it’s not all fun and games. I just don’t want to bring you down with pictures of homework and a sleep-deprived college student.


Here’s the more fun things that have been occupying my time: (from top left to bottom right) 1. I was finally able to take a trip to the Lake of the Ozarks. It was my first trip since 2009 and long overdue. 2. Have I mentioned that I work for a crazy fun company? Other than living my dream of being a full-time photographer, this is the only workplace I want to be at. This picture was from the medal ceremony for Office Alympix. I won two medals. 3. I spent an awesome weekend watching my little Boo. It’s hard to believe he’s almost two years old! I spent the whole time teaching him to say “Sage.” The closest he got was SHhhhhkommm. Close enough. 4. I shaved part of my head and raised $128 in two hours for St. Baldrick’s. It took a tequila shot for bravery, but I’m so glad I did it. 5. I took these two nephews to their first home Husker football game! Their dad joined us too. 6. I called my friends Matt and Lindsay from KFRX (remember them?) and won two tickets to Train at the Pinewood Bowl. They put on a fantastic show. 7. We flew around with Dad. 8. I finally made it to my first Husker tailgate of the season. AND THEY HAD WAKEBOARDERS. Who has wakeboarders at a tailgate?!

I’m trying to take time for fun when I can, but usually I’m sacrificing sleep for any semblance of a social life. I’m currently booking shoots for 2013 and I’m crazy excited to get back at capturing your memories, not just my own. Thanks for being amazing people. I’m so grateful for your support and patience.