If you’re looking for your photos from the Heroes Game, head over to the Client Gallery!  If you would like any of those photos, contact me and I’d be happy to send you a copy over email!

Today marked the first inaugural Heroes Game, the beginning of a post-Thanksgiving tradition with our friends across the border in Iowa. I was a little weary about this rivalry considering the one we just left against Colorado (has anyone with a Nebraska license plate ever driven to Boulder? Yikes.) but I was glad to see that taunting was good-natured.

Overall, I think both sides are fully embracing (go ahead, roll your eyes) this new tradition! 

Happy Thanksgiving Eve everyone! and Happy Founders Day to my fellow Deltas out there!

It’s that time of year. We feast, give thanks, and barely get an hour to rest before BOOM. Black Friday. Is it just me or is this completely American un-holiday starting to get WAY out of hand? I digress. Do you know why I love the day after Thanksgiving? The last regular season Husker football game. Okay, I admit, it’s a love-hate relationship because it means that it’s another year before we get to throw the bones for our Blackshirts. Sidenote: if you haven’t heard the UNL Student Section’s new rendition of March Grandioso (yeah, just found out that that tune had a name) that consists of the words “Bo Pelini… and Carl!” you are truly missing out. You can find it here: http://youtu.be/wa1zovzm-g8.

This year we replace the day-after-Thanksgiving traditional game against Colorado for our neighbor on the other side, Iowa. You’re starting to go glassy-eyed on me and wonder what this has to do with ANYTHING.  Photography blog. Right. Tailgating is a part of life as a Husker fan and I will be there to capture the good times on Friday!  I’ll be making the rounds with camera and cold weather gear.  What’s your job in this crazy mess? Flag me down if you see me, then keep cheering on the Huskers while I snap away! I’ll be posting the pictures in the Client Galleries next week. Best of all, if you see a picture of yourself or your friends that you would like to have, I’ll give it to you. For free. You just have to send me an email and let me know!  Gosh, I made it so easy for you, how could you say no? If you know you’ll be around the stadium on Friday and want me to stop by, you know how to holla. Until then, you can check out some of the photos from tailgates at the Northwestern game.  Have a great and safe Thanksgiving everyone and Go Big Red!

Going through all of the pictures I shot in the last month, I found a bunch of buried treasures (the pictures that didn’t quite make the cut)!  They made me start thinking about what little boys do and don’t do, especially when a camera is in front of them.

They definitely do not sit still.

They’ll find any way to hide their face from you.

Sometimes even piggyback rides can’t make them smile.

They like to throw things..

and puppy dogs. (But not throwing puppy dogs.)

Even when they grow up, they don’t sit still!

But when they finally wind down..

they are the cutest little charmers!

(Don’t they make you go.. AWW!?)