About Your Photo Shoot


Glamour Portrait, Glamour Photography, Beauty Session, Beauty, Sage JensenGlamour sessions are a gift to your soul. It’s a chance for your inner goddess to stand up and shout, “I am here. I am loved. I have this one and only life and I will use it to shine.”

They are a chance to get together with a friend and enjoy a day of pampering. A day to laugh about the men who chased you and to feel as gorgeous today as you did at 17.

Glamour sessions are for every woman who has ever looked in the mirror and felt that she would never be pretty enough. They’re for every woman who has ever gotten ready for a girls’ night out or a hot date, looked in the mirror and thought, “I look GOOD.”

It’s more than having your hair and makeup done and standing in front of a camera. It’s a restoration of your true beauty. It’s returning to your true being and acknowledging her for the experiences she’s been through, the hard work of college or raising kids, for picking her up every time she’s been down, and for celebrating every success that went unnoticed. A glamour session is a chance to reveal your beauty, your femininity, your strength, and your shine. Allow me to show you just how beautiful you truly are.

Glamour sessions include a pre-shoot consultation, hair, makeup, photo shoot, and in-person image reveal for $190. Prints from your session start at $150 and include digital copies of each purchased print.