Glacial Till Vineyard

Are you looking for your pictures from Friday at Glacial Till Vineyard? They’re right here.

Let me preface this by saying the fact that my last post was about beer and this post is about wine is complete circumstance. I don’t even drink that much. Now then.

As a marketing major, I’ve started to come to terms with the fact that I will have a group project in every class until I graduate. Summer classes are no exception. That being said, my group decided that the local business we’d like to create a mock marketing plan for is Glacial Till VineyardYour move, UNL.

I hadn’t hear of Glacial Till before, (they opened the vineyard in Palmyra and tasting room in Ashland to the public in 2009) but I headed out on Friday to take pictures and the Murmans greeted me with a warm welcome. They were in the middle of an event and can I just say.. the food looked amazing. Dessert was a vanilla bean ice cream with a reduction of their dessert wine. WOW. While the guests enjoyed their meal, I enjoyed snapping away. A scenic vineyard with great sunset light and free rein to wander where I pleased? This photographer was in heaven.

 Next Friday they are having an event at the vineyard with Lucky Bucket and barbecue. I think it sounds like the perfect end to the work week. But maybe I should just let the pictures do the talking.


This couple managed to snag me as I was on my way out and boy, am I glad they did. They’ve been together for a while and told me that they didn’t have a picture of them together! We quickly solved that problem. Could they be any cuter together?!

  • Sheri Neeman - Thanks so much for the pictures! Those are great and captured us perfectly!

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  • Brian Thamm - Sage, thank you so much! These pics turned out amazing!ReplyCancel

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