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Glacial Till Vineyard

Are you looking for your pictures from Friday at Glacial Till Vineyard? They’re right here. Let me preface thisView full post »

Kegs for the Cure

I. Love. Summer. Boating, baseball games, grilling with friends, sitting by the lake, swimming.. you name it, I’mView full post »

Is Mud a Good Sunscreen?

..I asked myself that yesterday afternoon. It was a valid question, since I was head-to-toe coated in the stuff. I wasView full post »

I mustache you a question. Do you know how much you rock?

Because you do. All of you. Especially the ones who rocked the photo booth! You can see all of the photo booth picturesView full post »

It’s been a big day.

Alright you hoodlums… Have you missed me? Because I missed you! As I told Lindsay when she came home tonight,View full post »

We never grew up.

They were always there. From day one. I don’t even remember MEETING these girls because we have always beenView full post »

Sometimes I go home.

My nephew Kyle is a freshman now and I finally got back to see him play basketball. It was great to get a chance to seeView full post »

The weather outside is frightful.

It finally happened. After weeks of running around outside in a light jacket and asking each other, “WhatView full post »

A pilot riding a cow.

Yep, you read that right. Gavin’s birthday was airplane-themed and there’s no doubt that he’sView full post »

This puppy’s too big for my pocketbook.

“In the arms of an angel…” click. I cannot watch that commercial again. Those puppies look at youView full post »

Death by Cream Cheese.

Can I just say something? I love bagels. Like New York City style “gimme an errythin bagel with some loxView full post »

This girl. that HAIR.

This is the girl. My one and only niece, Clara, who is already one! I got to spend some quality time with her thisView full post »