American Girl

The Tom Petty kind. Not the dolls. Go ahead, pull the song up on youtube and sing along. I’ll wait.

There was something about wandering around my small hometown that made me nostalgic. I watched these girls joke around with each other and remembered my group of girls and how we were exactly the same.  Just like the girls before us and the ones to come.

The small town seems to act like a time capsule; the images I captured could have been taken decades ago. As I looked through these snapshots of smiling, giggling girls, I imagined the future. How I hope one day their daughters will see these pictures, just as these girls have seen photos of their mothers together at their age. I hope those future daughters have a chance to come back and take these same pictures.

Girls, I had a fantastic time spending the day with you. Thanks for letting  me into your group for a day! I hope you treasure these memories and they make you smile and laugh when you see them years from now.


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