Sage JensenMy name is Sage. I am a portrait photographer in Lincoln, Nebraska.

I am fortunate to live my passion of helping people see their beauty through photographs. There’s nothing better than showing a client the finished product of what we’ve cooked up and seeing the excitement in their eyes. I’m inspired by Vanity Fair, Annie Leibovitz, and Sue Bryce.

I am stirred by the grace of yoga and dancing and the peaceful practices of meditation and circling. Each photo shoot is a chance for me to truly connect with the person in front of my camera, allowing them to be seen and embraced for exactly the person they are in that moment.

Allow me to unravel the beauty and mystery that is within you and to present you with a portrait that will be cherished for years to come. Allow your imagination to run wild with the possibility of what could be. Allow your heart to “love again the stranger who was your self.” Let’s create something magical together.